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MGD started as a Digital Marketing Consultant that specializes in comprehensive-integrated marketing solutions for businesses. Over time, within our journey of 7 years, our service starts to expand following the growing needs of our customers in the digital realm. Beyond digital, we are committed to enhance your branding, boosting sales, and fostering customer loyalty.

Our Approach

Based on what you & your team need, there are some approaches that you can choose:
You have a team, then it’s 100% on you—but boosted with our guidance
You have a team & need more manpower, let’s merge & collaborate!
You don’t have a team, rely on our experts 100%!

List of

Not sure where to start, need guidance, have more inquiries? Our top-notchers team is ready to help you out!

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Brand Building Strategy
As your top-notch brand building partner, we are dedicated to providing comprehensive to full-scale implementation, we are here to guide you through the entire journey of your business. With our expertise, rest assured that your brand will be expertly cultivated from A to Z, leaving a lasting impression in the market.
Go To Market Strategy
Identifying the right market for your business demands expert analysis. We specialize in pinpointing your perfect market fit through meticulous research and strategic insights. With our guidance, you'll gain clarity on which market aligns best with your goals and target audience. Trust us to streamline the process and maximize your chances of success in the market.
Digital Marketing Consultation
Always upgrade your business knowledge.We give you strategic insights & guidance to make the most of your business' online presence in this digital-navigated world.
⁠Sales Channel Booster
Targets are meant to make you grow. We help you reach your sales target on specific sales channel & increase it over time by enhancing visibility, traffic, and conversions.
Advertising Planning
Don't just make ads, be systematic with it. We craft customized advertising strategies & plans that align with your business goals and target audience.
Advertising Buying
Get the best placements for your products. We set up your ads based on your media plan and make sure it runs smoothly.
Advertising Optimization
Maximize your ROI & campaign results. Through careful assessment, we continuously refine & optimize your ads to maximize the effectiveness of your budget.
Website Development
Improve your website and reach more audience. Whether your business already has it or not, we can build you a more professional website valuable in the long run.
SEO Management
Boost your ranking on search engines. We can improve the visibility of your website by implementing the best SEO strategies.
PR Dissemination
Amplify your business' message to the public. We help your business generate buzz & credibility through various online media with positive articles.
Talent Optimization Program (TOP)
Let us handle & grow your team. Oftentimes, the problem lies in the system, not the people itself. We can give you a structured planning & evaluation for your company’s employees.
Consultation on Demand (COD)
Get 2 hours of sharp consultation sesh with our experts. Let us listen to your problems over tea or coffee before we give you our perspective about your goals, including a strategic planning & business solutions!

Some of Our Valued Clients

“Pusing kalau habis meeting! Tapi jadi booster banget sih tiap minggunya dapet insight-insight baru yang belum pernah kenal sebelumnya, terus nyesel kenapa baru tau sekarang”

Sarah, Rollover Reaction
“Thanks MGD selalu extra, kirain cuma bisa diskusi pengerjaan ads aja, ternyata diluar itupun kami terbantu banget!”

Fanny, HGL
“Aku pakai jasa MGD dari awal banget Cleo Cletta lahir, hehe sekitar 1,5 tahun kerjasama dengan MGD. Asik banget, sangat membantu, dan sangat professional, ngebantu aku yang awalnya ga ngerti apa apa tentang per online an dibantu arahin dan diajarin juga pelan2, jadi bukan sekedar konsultan, MGD juga bisa jadi ‘teman’ untuk diskusi bareng-bareng gimana cara growth brand dan yang pasti juga sales. Thank you MGD!”

Wynne, Cleo Cletta
“Cara kerjanya MGD itu, soal tektokan di grup cepet dan bisa adaptasi dengan tim Aurum yang cukup unik. Insight-nya relevan dan applicable. Aurum dapet PIC TikTok lgs (boost dan live), bantuan lainnya pun cukup membantu. Sesi Kreatif helpful karena mampu deliver dengan baik, denger dan kasih pandangan, bukan malah nambah kerjaan.”

Yela, AurumLab
"MGD sangat care dengan brand, di luar masukan-masukan yang diberikan pada weekly meeting ada value tambahan yang diberikan. Misalnya, tim MGD bisa notice brand ada kesalahan tertentu di web/sosmed, sehingga bisa langsung di-update. Benar-benar sebagai konsultan ikut 'memikirkan' LBS as a brand dan terasa tujuan untuk bersama membangun LBS. Secara kualitas juga sudah terpercaya, kita dapat melihat MGD pun terus berkembang dan dapat mengimbangi perkembangan yang terjadi di luar sana.”

Gerry, LookboutiqueStore
clients says